Cable handling

Marine Technology company started its activities in early 1994, by offering equipment and engineering of cable handling reels to the offshore and onshore industries. Some time ago the company has even received the nickname Capital of the reels. Today the company offers EPCI services and develops innovative solutions to meet changing market demand.

In order to meet more clients needs and to offer more cable handling solutions, company diversified its products range of cable handling and included carousels into the list. Services for carousel manufacturing includes: complete production of turntable, assembly of gear, lifting operations, installation on vessel and FAT.

Marine Technology always were looking forward to the opportunities to be a part of new projects, to gain know-how and to develop processes for new products. This point of view influenced company to develop offloading system construction. Some key facts about one of the latest projects:

Flange diameter 10 m
Width 11 m
Height 14 m
Weight 2000 t

Cable handling reels product holds special place here, at Marine Technology. It was first product that were developed at the company and the experience of engineering, procurement, construction and installation reaches more than 30 years. Today MT produces reels of any size and type to every product: umbilical, flexipipe, rope, wire, hose, cable. Sizes of the reel reel flage diameter varies from 2m to 14m.