During the years Marine Technology was involved and contributed to major Subsea Developments, by providing our Clients with crucial Subsea components and equipment. The clients can put their trust in Marine Technology as a reliable EPC partner for complex subsea solutions.

Usually Marine Technology produces large complex carbon steel structures, but smaller and more detailed constructions such as PLET’s isn’t exception as well. MT team already had several successful opportunities with this kind of constructions and are fully ready to many more.

Combining gained know-how from various previous projects creates the opportunity to apply it to the new products development. For example, previous experience in manufacturing Suction Buckets, were applied in part of the Subsea Protection Structures project. Apart from used experience from the project of the Suction Buckets, additional know-how were applied for other parts of the construction. MT team as well work with: big sized tubulars, hatches, piping system, surface treatment, installation and testing of lifting eyes and complex Roll-on load out was part of this project.

Subsea Deployment Basket were manufactured at Marine Technology, 25 000 sq.m. facilities in Klaipeda and shipped to the requested location by the client at the early beginning of 2023.