Even though Marine Technology mainly produces constructions for the offshore industry. Company can diversify its knowledge and apply it to onshore projects, such as bridges. Some key facts about the latest turn-key bridge project finished at Marine Technology workshops:
Length 37.4 m
Height 10.34 m
Weight 65 t
Port Infrastructure is another type of product from industrial sector produced by Marine Technology. There are already numerous completed port infrastructure constructions and one of it, latest one- port ramp. Key information regarding the construction:
Weight 50.138 t
Length 50.95 m
Width 4.1 m
Experience gained in other sectors provides know how to participate in silos, ducts manufacturing projects and use faster, easier transportation directly from the workshop to quay. Latest project of the silos reached these measures:
Weight 24.82 t
Length 17.1 m
Diameter 6 m