Modular Reel

Ever since 1994, when Marine Technology was founded, the company‘s main focus was towards – cable handling equipment. Until this day MT carries a nickname given by several Clients as a Capital of Reels.

Today we are counting more than 30 years of experience in the engineering, and manufacturing of cable handlingcable-handling equipment. During these decades we have witnessed and together with clients adapted to quite a few trends and changes that were rising within the industry.

The past few years brought significant disruptions to the supply chain and the result was suddenly rising costs of energy, materials, and transportation to our clients, the solution that help our clients to stay competitive, even in the most uncertain conditions was adapting the MODULARITY concept to existing product portfolio, this way eliminating costly Sea transport, and changing it to standardized road transport solutions.  This way the solution to design and manufacture the Modular Reel came to life.

The engineering and Project Management team of Marine Technology confirmed the design after which the manufacturing of the Modular Reel began as seen in the picture below.

Success and good feedback from the client on the first modular reels kept us motivated and since then, MT has produced, delivered, and installed hundreds of Modular reels, providing the full EPCI scope for the client.

The main and most important advantage of using a Modular solution is – making transportation easier and more efficient in terms of costs and flexibility in terms of delivery schedule. In addition, the Modular solution brings interchangeable parts for the equipment, providing the ability for faster service and maintenance of the product.