Offshore wind

Offshore wind power is growing annually, with a worldwide installed capacity of 3.1 gigawatts (GW) in 2010 to 54.9 GW in 2022. This shows the tremendously high growth of offshore wind in the last decade. Even though the offshore wind sector grew a lot, greater growth is foreseen in the near future. Following the increasing demands for constructions such as transition pieces, boat landings, access platforms, grillage, modular support frames, etc. Marine Technology adapted its knowledge in engineering and manufacturing to meet market demand and to offer high-quality Offshore Wind components and Steel structures in order to ensure the energy transition.

Marine Technology has an excellent location, with the possibility of floating heavy structures and direct access to the Baltic Sea. Knowledge, commitment and quality-assured facilities combined with experience in the production of steel constructions, exceptional infrastructure, and highly qualified staff, allow us to believe in our competitive market position and ability to take on the most challenging renewable energy projects.

One of the firsts projects finished for Offshore Wind industry by Marine Technology ambitious team. Offshore Wind farm substation – it’s dimensions reached 42,1m in length, 42m in width and more than 3000t weight. MT team met this RFQ as a turn-key project and we are glad to show you a final result of the construction.
Company that strives to work on a large-scale steel constructions projects, takes a part of a vessels refurbishments projects as well. One of the examples, production of constructions for the offshore installation vessel. Some key facts about it:
Length 101.8 m
Width 36 m
Weight 6000 t
Pile guidance frame construction were another turn-key project from Offshore Wind sector completed at Marine Technology 25 000 sq. m facilities in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Some key facts regarding the construction:
Dimensions 20 m between the axis
Height 13 m
Weight 300 t